Post-op day 3 +

Shirley is continuing to make progress. She has come a long way for having only being born 8ish days ago. She is still intubated and likely will remain so for a few days. The Dr's hoped to be able to get her off earlier but her little body is fighting against it currently. She is retaining too much fluid and until she can balance out and perhaps go a little negative they'll keep the ventilator running. Its a very complicated thing to balance her nutrition, drugs, and fluids. Hopefully she will be able to come off the vent soon enough and start introducing milk to her diet. Feeding is still a risk the cardiologists aren't willing to take. If her gut does not get the blood and in turn oxygen it needs feeding milk would only complicate her issues. Currently she is on "Total Parenteral Nutriton" (TPN). This is supplying some basic nutrients such as: water, sugar, electrolytes, ect. She is also on a Intralipid (fat) drip. This supplies fats directly to the bloodstream. After just a little research you find that Intralipid is mostly water, soybean oil, egg yolk phospholipids, and glycerin (pretty sure its used as an emulsifier). Kind of depressing that soybean oil is the go-to for lipids. There may be some research that says soybeans are the best source of lipids for these purposes but I have a feeling that is not the case. Dextrose is the primary sugar used in TPN and you guessed it... corn based. Crazy to see how big agriculture is literally everywhere. Both of these are not ideal options but they are necessary post surgery. The docs and nutritionist are hard at work to get her milk as soon as possible!

Sorry, if that post was more than you wanted to know about her nutritional intake but thankfully she is doing well enough that I don't have to talk about something more serious! Also, my mention of big agriculture, corn, and soybeans is not politically motivated. I was just intrigued by how pervasive these things are.

Lets forget about all that nutrition talk and admire how cute Shirley is. This one taken a day before she went under the knife.