First Night

Shirley had a great night at home. It was a busy night for us but Shirley slept the majority of the time. Her med schedule is pretty intense! There are 7 different med times between the hours of 3am and 10pm. We have been giving meds for about a week now but yesterday was the first day we had to prep her meds. Being that it was our first time dosing her drugs, it took a while but I think it will get easier as the days go on. On top of her med schedule she has a pretty strict feeding schedule. Shirley still doesn’t feed very well at the breast but she is working on it. Including breastfeeding there are 4 ways we feed Shirley. I’ll try to get a picture of her gravity feed and pump system. Every three hours we pick a method, sometimes two methods, and make sure she gets her nutrients. Hopefully Shirley will begin to put on some serious weight and take the majority of her feeds by mouth. Once that happens the NG tube will come out and feeding will feel much more natural. It’s kind of strange but we have to haul around all of these interesting things if we want to go somewhere. I have a feeling we are going to be homebodies for the next few months. Who wants to set up an IV stand, hang a bag, load the milk, prime the pump, survive the 30min run time all for a 12oz cup of coffee? Not me! I think it will probably be a circus trying to get from point A to point B but who doesn’t like a circus??? Always something interesting going on and you may even laugh. No doubt we will be the spectacle of many a people watcher.

Sleeping in your own bed, assuming you like your bed, for the first time in 5 weeks is an eye closing experience! Even though we didn’t sleep a ton last night, the sleep we did get was fantastic! I can tend to be a picky positional sleeper, rolling from side to side, flopping back to front, but last night it didn’t matter! When my head hit the pillow, no matter how contorted my body was, I was out cold. I was a little scared when I woke up thinking about how poorly I had actually been sleeping over the past month or so! I think it also had to do with simply being in the comfort of our own home again. The other thing that worried me when I woke up was what the heck I was going to eat! I haven’t prepared my own meal in the last five weeks, breakfast lunch, or diner. After writing that I ALMOST (keyword) feel a hint of shame. The food options at the hospital were phenomenal. The fear didn’t last however, I made a few simple breakfast sandwiches comprised of a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread (DKB), avocado mayo, spicy kimchi, and an over easy egg. I’m not sure how that combination of ingredients came into play but I’m glad to say that it works well.

Waking up this morning was many years of dreaming come true. Brianna got Shirley out of her bedside crib and had her all snuggled up and for the first time we had a morning in bed as a family. Having little Shirley close at hand and being able to doze off then wake up and smile at my wife and child was a fantastic feeling. Marriage and now being a parent have certainly yielded my happiest days, as I often thought they would. I look forward to more of the same.

BTW Shirley’s instagram is up and running! There will be a separate link under the news tab that will display photos from instagram. So if a few days pass and you need a Shirley fix, there may be little piece of info attached to a cute photo of her there. You can follow her @shirleysgrandadventure