Jail Bird

Shirley had lots of visitors today! My mom's side of the family came and met Shirley for the first time! Grandpa and Grandma Link, Aunt Bronz, and Uncle Hudson came to see her also! The one resounding theme was: she is so much smaller in person. 

Today has been a good day for this little girl. They took her PICC out that has been in her right leg for almost the whole time she has been here! They used that line for lots of drugs in the early days and because they are less worried about the need to intervene they felt confident taking it out. It is great to have another limb free of lines. Sure does make it easier to change her diaper.

She was also moved from her infant bed to a crib! She looks even smaller now that she is in a huge crib! It does kind of look like she is locked up in jail though!

She is still doing well on her HFNC at 8LPM and will probably remain there for another 24 hours. Lab results came in for BNP today and she is already down from 3300 to 1500 over the last two days! That was very exciting! Hopefully she continues to trend down. 

That's about all for today.