Digging In

New Doctors

Along with the physicians that care for Shirley in the CICU a team of doctors that primarily work with "heart failure" have been brought on to consult in her everyday care. Shirley has had poor heart function since being taken off milrinone (the drug used to help the heart contract). Technically speaking there is a better phrase to describe her current state: Heart Failure. That sounds very bad and of course its not great but don't freak out. Heart failure is a very broad term used to describe the symptoms of a patient, in our case Shirley. She has been in a state of heart failure from birth. The large structural defects of her heart that were repaired during surgery can often times be the cure for neonatal congestive heart failure (CHF) but in Shirley's case her leaky valve combined with her heart not contracting with greater force are holding her back. Shirley's case isn't that severe, mind you, she is still functioning rather well given her issues. The doctors will simply be monitoring her and providing medications that will hopefully help her heart to work more efficiently. There still is some hope that her heart will rebound and function well enough to not need medication but now two and a half weeks post surgery they would have expected to see it already. It is highly likely that she will be in some state of heart failure until her valve is replaced.


This one is for the budding botanists out there. Shirley is starting a medication today to help address her minor case of heart failure. It's a drug called digoxin (wiki is a great source for this kind of stuff) and it's from a pretty little flowering plant called Digitalis, commonly known as foxglove. I was intrigued today when I found this out because I can remember being a child and having my mom tell us to not touch or play with foxglove while we tramped around in the woods. I knew it was poisonous and that it had something to do with it's effect on the heart but not much more than that. Crazy to think that the little plant we weren't allowed to play with as kids is now the same thing being used to treat our daughter's condition. There are many treatments for heart failure and digoxin is only one of many possible things they may try. The history of the drug goes way back and it's actually an interesting read. Hopefully she will respond well to it and won't need something more intense like milrinone. Digoxin is administered orally so it is a drug that can be given easily while at home if need be.

Rough Evening

Shirley is having a rough evening. I wrote the majority of this post earlier today but never got around to publishing it because Shirley started to get very fussy while I was holding her around 5pm. Shirley is a pretty relaxed baby so a few unprovoked fits put myself and her nurse on edge. They took her temp and it came back quite feverish at 101 and her heart rate jumped up between 180 and 190 BPM (she had been in the 130s and 140s all day). She was pretty upset for about 4 hours. They used some ice packs to cool her down and the doctors came to check her out. They are still waiting on the lab results to rule out infection. They also took a good look at her stomach to make sure there weren't any issues there. She has calmed down a little bit since but it is now 10pm and 5 minutes haven't passed the whole evening without some sort of unprovoked fit. Honestly they are hoping that it's just really bad gas that she is having difficulty passing but it's an unknown currently. The fever has come down which is a good sign but its also just a little strange.

Long Day

It wasn't a bad day but it wasn't a great day either. Shirley got to meet some new people today when my cousins came by to visit and also some aunts and uncles on Brianna's side. Today was the first day the term "heart failure" was used and that isn't really something that sits easy with anyone but they are confident that it will be manageable. Minus her fits and some issues this evening Shirley is still looking pretty comfortable and not too stressed on the whole. Hopefully she will have an uneventful night and be back to normal by the morning. The first half of the day went by very quickly but the last 6 hours have dragged on trying to calm little Shirley and being fixated at the live stream of vitals that is ever present on her monitor. Please continue to keep Shirley in your prayers. Now that the (very poorly named) "heart failure" team is monitoring Shirley we will be extending our stay in the CICU until they find a medication that works well for her overall. There is also the possibility that her heart starts to kick butt and pump like mad but they aren't waiting to find out.

Sorry if this post is all over the place but its just been a very interesting day. Here is a picture of Brianna feeding little Shirley her bottle this morning. I can't begin to relate to you how impressed I have been with how she has handled these extraordinary circumstances.