Meds and More


Shirley started a new medication to help manage her heart failure long term. Digoxin has been working well so far and she will continue to receive it for now but she was given carvedilol for long term use. You can read up on it if you want but the hope here is that with years of use it will help her heart function return to normal by a process call "reverse cardiac remodeling." I have no idea how this actually works but there are multiple studies that show heart function returning as a result. We really like the primary heart failure doc we have had so far and she is very hopeful in regard to Shirley's condition. The first time we met her she talked so much about nutrition and breastfeeding that I thought she was a nutritionist. It wasn't until halfway thorough our conversation that I started to question how this nutritionist knew so much about meds and heart failure. 


We are almost out of here! As of today are expected discharge date is 3/29! That is this Wednesday! Brianna and I are almost all trained up on Shirley's daily routine! She will be going home on lots of meds that we will have to administer multiple times a day and with a NG tube. We have learn how to place the NG tube also. It's really not a fun process getting a tube from a child's nose to the their stomach but it can be done with tears and crying from both parties. Shirley isn't taking her feeds entirely by breast or bottle as we hoped she would but we will continue to work on that at home and she will be off the NG tube soon enough. We sat through infant and child CPR today and it seems very ironic sitting there learning chest compressions while thinking about sternal precautions for your child that just had OHS! I laughed to myself a few times. We are very excited to bring little Shirley home.

Robbery Update

There was some initial communication with TPD in the days following the break in but it never amounted to anything. I have been leaving messages every now and then and I tried one more time today. I was able to talk with someone and they put me in contact with a detective and someone from forensics! Unfortunately, I don't think they will find much evidence in our home now that it's been nearly a month and a lot of stuff has been picked up and cleaned since then. Who knows?