On the mend!

Shirley has been doing well in the short time she has been off her vent! They weaned her off morphine and her other sedatives. She is alert and happy. She had quite a bit of snuggle time with Brianna today which is always nice. The other big news is that she pooped! This was her first bowel movement after being fed breast milk so it a pretty good sign that her gut is doing its job. She had another echo today to get a good look at her heart post surgery. What used to be her truncus is now her aorta which can cause some issues but nothing too serious. She did get a blood transfusion today to replace the blood they take for labs and such. Her vitals went up immediately after receiving some new blood and they have stayed up since. 

I was able to go and survey the damage at the house today and was glad to find that pretty much everything that was taken is easily replaceable. There have been a couple leads already with the help of some Apple software allowing the police to track the iPad. Hopefully this will lead to getting some of our stuff back. While I was in Tacoma trying to figure everything out I received a call from TPD letting me know that a woman had found some random documents in her garbage can today. Lots of personal information and Brianna's passport turned up in there. The officer dropped them off to me just before I headed back up north to see Shirley. Thankfully we have a lot of people watching the house so this shouldn't happen again.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers! Many people have already offered to replace our material possessions. We are certainly going to wait before we buy anything new but from what I calculate we lost less than $1000 in possessions. I'm kind of cheap when it comes to electronics so everything that was stolen was bought used. We haven't even had a television that long and didn't have one the first year of married life so maybe this is just a sign that we don't need one.