Breaking News: Shirley's Story on Q13 Fox Tonight!


 Q13 Fox contacted us out of the blue today and said that they had heard about Shirley's Grand Adventure as well as our break in and decided to do a last minute news segment on her!!! We couldn't believe it! We don't know what it will consist of yet but Brianna and I sat down with a reporter for a short interview that will air tonight at 9, 10 and 11pm on Q13 Fox! Shirley is already turning heads! Now back to our Usual broadcasting!

We changed rooms but Shirley is still in the CICU. They moved us down the hall to a room near the exit and for her its literally because she is headed that direction. From what we understand they keep the more critical children towards the far side of the unit; Doctors have the quickest access there. They keep the less critical children, Shirley in our case, towards that front of the unit. The move is just a sign of Shirley's progress. 

Last night Shirley did have a bout of tachycardia (when the heart beats very fast) but the doctors weren't overly concerned. Remember, Shirley's heart is far from average and some of the drugs she has taken or still is taking can have many side effects. They think that this is probably the case with her and that it will not be an issue she struggles with in the future. Her heart rate maxed out at 220bpm last night but like I said, it was short lived. Her baseline heart rate is already higher than the average infant so its even less concerning. She is being weaned off a drug that helps her heart to work more efficiently. They also plan to take her off the TPN (corn syrup and salt) because she is being fed Brianna's milk at a rate that will really nourish her! Shirley had a central line in her neck that leaves a very short trip for meds to get to her heart or whatever they decide to administer. They took that out yesterday evening! She is slowly but Shirley ;) getting back to normal!

Our wonderful host keeps going above and beyond for us. She has bought us dinner and cooked us breakfast sandwiches multiple times. We feel very blessed to have landed where we did with no prior knowledge of her and going with the cheapest option for housing! Today she offered to do our laundry! 

Nothing new about the house but we have continued to have people ask us what we need and to be honest we don't need any of that stuff that was stolen and aren't very concerned about it currently. None of Shirley's baby stuff was stolen, go figure, so we have what we need to bring our daughter home when its time.

Last but not least! I held Shirley for the first time in 8 days today! The day of surgery I thought it would be best for Brianna to get as many snuggles in as possible and post surgery I thought the same. Now that Shirley is easier to maneuver I can make up for some of the time I missed out on cuddling my sweet girl. 

Here is a picture of me holding her today! The news clip is also attached below.

This is a news story done by Q13 FOX in Seattle about our daughter Shirley!